DR. IRIS WU: Project director. Graduated from the University of the Western Cape. South Africa. Has been working for Confucius Classroom for more than nine years. 


MS. MEIXIU WANG: has many years of teaching Chinese experience in overseas and she joined us in 2016. Ms. Wang was graduated from in China. She has been a Chinese teacher for more than 30 years. (Completed contract in 2019)



MR. WEIWEI JIANG: Graduated from Suzhou University. Jiang Laoshi is a YUWEN (Chinese) teacher at Shandong Zibo Experimental High School since 2007. As a Mandarin teacher, Jiang Laoshi started his language and Chinese culture teaching at Confucius Classroom of CAMST in 2015.



MS. MARI DEMAND: Mari is CC local volunteer teacher. Mary and her family stayed in China for almost 10 years and the whole family love China and Chinese language. She is busy with her Master studies at Stellenbosch University and major research is related to curriculum of Chinese as a second additional language in South Africa. She now works with primary school Grade 1 to 4 students. 


MS. LUCY LIU: Graduated from Inner Mongolia Baotou Normal College in 1990. Liu Laoshi used to be the editor for CCTV-2, in China. She started working with Confucius Classroom in 2016 and now she is teaching business Chinese and local community children. 


MISS YUXUAN WU: Graduated from the University of Cape Town. Wu Laoshi has joined us in 2015. She is not only a language teacher, also an excellent dance teacher. 


MISS YAFAN YANG: Graduated from Longyu University in 2015. Yang Laoshi just joined us now as a volunteer teacher in 2016.


MR. TOMMY YU: Graduated from University of the Western Cape. He is a qualified physiotherapist. He started to work with CC since 2015. He assists administration and cultural events for CC. 


MR. SHAOZE REN: Graduated from . He is in charge of Grade 9 and cultural events for CC. He also writes articles for Chinese newspaper. (From 2107 to 2019)


MISS YANG LIU: Graduated from University of the Western Cape. He is a qualified physiotherapist. He started to work with CC since 2015. He assists administration and cultural events for CC. (From 2017 to 2019)


MISS HUI ZHU: Graduated from Beijing International Study University (BISU) in July, 2017 and joined us in September, 2017. She  is not only teaching Grade 10,  also responsible for CC website. In addition, Miss Zhu writes articles for Chinese newspaper.(From 2107 to 2018)


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